RX8, I'm proud of you!

Lets socialize! Socializing in good way. Getting socialized give me many benefits. Among of them is that i found more chances of doing buzyness + bisness. Wow, am I having money madness? Not at all. I'm just doing it for fun and for good purposes= spread the love of 'ilm.

Some days before our new semester begun, I went to Ajwa Muslim shop located at Balok. It sells many Muslim items like books, halal food, clothes and various items more. I have some conversation with the owner and got some ideas of selling books. Now, my journey comes with something in it.

Now, in the third week, I have circulate a form for booking the book. I circulate them in my class, kulliyyah of Pharmacy, Allied Health Sciences, CTS and Biotech together with Biomed.

The result is that, my classmate makes the highest booking among other classes and kulliyyahs.. RX8, I'm proud with you all, and keep this performance (n_n). Book more book in future edition.


1) If the books that are booked from all other kulliyyah is total up, it cannot beat the total of my classmates's booking.
2) Most students bought 'Agenda Yahudi Menakluk Dunia'
3) Folowed by 'Soal Jawab Remeh Temeh Tentang Puasa'

Other kulliyah's: want to beat my class record?


echa said...

truskan usaha anda..
kami sedia menyokong..
tpi bukhari pn kne bce buku jugak..
jngn jual je..

Tukang Titis said...

yup...skang ni tengah abeskan buku agenda yahudi tu..thanx for da reminder ;)