An Email From PM


If you’re standing in prayer in these last few days of Ramadan doing your best to ‘feel’ closer to Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) yet somehow feel distanced, If you’re wondering why those around you are all crying like babies whilst you’re completely emotion-less, If you wish you could be of those with soft hearts and tearful eyes in Ramadan, but it doesn’t seem to happen and you fail to reach that level in your spiritual worship – then it’s time to have a serious one-to-one conversation with your heart.

Ask your heart, why is it so cold? Why do the Words of its Creator have no effect or impact on it at all? Is it that arrogant that it doesn’t need it’s Lord?!

Ask it why is it so hard? Why no emotions are expressed of either fear or joy of being with its Creator?

Ask it why is it a hypocrite? It’ll cry watching a movie when it knows it’s not real but will not cry when it hears the truth about its ultimate destination.

Keep digging deeper until you find the answer. Get your heart to break in front of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) this Ramadan. There’s no sweeter feeling than a sincere heart that cries out to Allah. Don’t let Ramadan go and you haven’t cried even once in front of your Lord inshaAllah.

Abu Productive

*PM=Productive Muslim

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