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Assalamualaikum to you bro and sis, may Allah take care of you and making you drowned into HIS true love.

Today is the third day of aidilfitri, and i'm feeling tired after visitng my schoolmate and my teacher. Although I'm having difficulties( lazyness and time shortage) to continue filling my blog with my words and blabbering, many ideas come and urging me to write.

Why don't I do my assignment at my blog?together with filling the blog with some info? Nah! It is good for me and you too insyaAllah. I can sharpen my mind + doing homewerk while you can 'jenguk2' to my world. Beside, you can critics and make improvement to my work =).

Now lets start with nuclear assignment which was given during this raya holidays. In this assignment, we are required to do some research/finding on the usage of radiopharmaceuticals in detection of some disease(number 8). My group are required to do research on the usage of radiopharmaceutical in the detection of breast cancer.

Then, our group leader, Syahmi divide the work to each person. He gave me the third part from the outline: Radiolabelling process.


A radiopharmaceutical is a radioactive compound used for the diagnosis
and therapeutic treatment of human diseases.In nuclear medicine nearly
95% of the radiopharmaceuticals are used for diagnostic purposes, while the
rest are used for therapeutic treatment. Radiopharmaceuticals usually have
minimal pharmacologic e¤ect, because in most cases they are used in tracer

What Is Radiolabelling?

 A radiopharmaceutical has two components: a radionuclide and a phar-

The usefulness of a radiopharmaceutical is dictated by the char-
acteristics of these two components. In designing a radiopharmaceutical, a
pharmaceutical is first chosen on the basis of its preferential localization in a
given organ or its participation in the physiologic function of the organ.
Then a suitable radionuclide is tagged onto the chosen pharmaceutical such
that after administration of the radiopharmaceutical, radiations emitted from
it are detected by a radiation detector. Thus, the morphologic structure or
the physiologic function of the organ can be assessed.In a radiolabeled compound, atoms or groups of atoms of a molecule are substituted by similar or different radioactive atoms or groups of atoms.

The Radiolabelling Process

There are about 6 major method of radiolabelling like:

1.Isotope exchange
2.Introduction of a foreign label
3.Labeling with bifunctional chelating agent
5.Recoil labeling
6.Excitation labeling

The radiopharmaceutical used for the detection of breast tumors (miraluma) is 99m Tc-sestamibi.



Fundamentals of Nuclear Pharmacy,
Fifth Edition,
Gopal B. Saha 79-123

For sisters, you should do self check for any strange sign of breast condition regularly. If you find any lump or uncomfort  sign, you should consult any doctors immediately.

And remember to do X-ray/scanning to your heart. Who knows you might find these viruses.

Any critics or idea exchange?

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