3 Januari 2012
I'm on the way to musolla tu perform Isya' prayer,
When I arrived at my bike(outside my rental house), my raincoat is laid on the bike,
I felt some lazyness to 'lipat' and keep it in the motorbox,
'Ah, there is no rain'.

But I still perform it, lazyly(sure haha)
And after the Isya' and short tazkirah,
All jamaah started to step outside and go home,
And, suddenly rain came, heavily.
At that time only left Syahmi and me(as 'orang muda',
Others are the oldies.

And alhamdulillah, I have my raincoat,
I can continue my journey to RS,
Sory Mi, I left you there..hehe

Moral: Lawan sikit perasan malas, insyaAllah akan beroleh banyak keuntungan.
*Ini adalah kunci untuk istiqamah

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